Earn $5,000/year hosting a tiny house in your backyard

It costs you nothing

Three easy steps 

Prep backyard

We coordinate and pay for all costs including building a tiny house parking pad and preparing utility connections - you won't spend a dime

Place tiny house

We deliver our tiny house on wheels ("THOW") to your backyard and find a vetted tenant

Rent & manage

We collect rent, manage the tiny house and send you a check each month

We do everything

You supply part of your yard and we take care of the rest

We work with licensed and bonded contractors to prepare your backyard

You spend ZERO dollars


Help solve Portland's housing crisis

Low housing inventory

Portland is growing fast and developers are building new apartments, but mostly for the higher end of the rental market

Cheaper housing

Rent for our tiny houses starts at $1,200/mo, while the average 1 bed apartment in Portland rents for over $1,500/mo


Tiny houses are an eco-friendly housing option that attract tenants focused on sustainable living

Quick & easy

Tiny houses are faster, easier and cheaper to put up than an ADU - requiring much less work on your property


Beautiful tiny houses

Fully equipped homes with a living area, sleeping loft, kitchen and bathroom

Tenants will never need to access your home

Our tiny houses are professionally built to the highest standards and insured

Are tiny houses legal in Portland?

The City of Portland has provided guidelines for parking tiny houses on private property (which we comply with) as they work to develop a permanent policy for this new type of housing. We take great care to promote safe and habitable living in tiny houses by investing in high quality homes that are industry certified and match or exceed national "stick built" housing standards. 

How exactly does this work?

Backyard Tiny House will sign a land lease guaranteeing you payment every month to host a tiny house in your backyard. After inspecting your property, we'll create a gravel pad for the tiny house and set up utility connections (plumbing and electrical). Once utilities are ready, our tiny house will be secured on the pad with stabilizer jacks designed for safe long-term placements. In addition to managing tenants and collecting rent, we'll handle any maintenance required for the tiny house. You won't pay for anything.

How long is the process?

We can place a tiny house in under a week from when we start work on your property. Our tiny houses are built off-site by our partners at their certified factories. They are ready to be placed as soon as the site is ready. Delivery and setup of the home only takes a few hours.

How do utilities work?

Tiny house tenants will pay a fixed utility fee each month that will be directly passed on to you. This fee will be in addition to your regular monthly earnings and will cover the tenant's use of water, electricity, garbage and internet.

Can I choose the tenant?

Of course! If you already have a friend or relative in mind, we'd be more than happy to accomodate them. On a related note, we will never place a tenant without your prior approval. 

What if I sell my house?

The beautiful thing about a tiny house on wheels is that they are mobile! If you sell your house, we can unplug and roll away. However, if the new homeowner wants us, we can transfer the land lease. 

How do I know if I qualify?

You need to be a homeowner in the Portland, OR metropolitan area with a backyard that has at least 25 feet by 12 feet of space. The backyard will need to be accessible by our tiny houses, which are 8.5 feet wide and anywhere from 20 to 24 feet long. Fences aren't a problem.


Ready to start earning?

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