About Us

We're on a mission to create more housing in supply constrained cities across the United States, while providing homeowners a way to earn extra income literally in their backyards. 

Renters are provided with an eco-friendly housing option that is reasonably priced, while homeowners get to earn extra income and help their growing communities.

We believe tiny houses on wheels (THOW) are a viable option for creating long-term housing quickly and affordably. We are responsible advocates who's top priority is creating safe and habitable living for all. 

Nupur Patel

Founder & CEO

Nupur is passionate about creating innovative housing solutions that help solve the nation's growing housing crisis and impact the environment in a positive way. He previously worked on building co-living communities across Portland at Willow Communities. Prior to his venture into real estate, Nupur worked in media at both Netflix and Nickelodeon in strategy. He also founded news media startup - NewsBling.co.

Nupur obtained his MBA from HBS and BS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Nupur is a homeowner in the Lents neighborhood of Portland and hosts a tiny house in his backyard.

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